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Saturday, October 2, 2021


 Today in this Post We'll Share With You the Sunplus 1506T New Software for Download. Before I Share The Software let me Introduce the Sunplus 1506t Processor New Software Specifications and Features.

Sunplus is Providing Multiple Processor to Digital Satellite Receivers Lovers, but in this post, I'll Talk about Sunplus 1506t Hardware. It's Using In Maximum Countries in Nowadays. It has Good Packages IKS server and IPTV for its Users. Below I'll Share The Technical Specifications Of Sunplus 1506t 4MB Hardware.

Sunplus 1506t Specifications:

  • CPU: Sunplus 1506t
  • 4MB flash/ Rom: 512 DDR2
  • Dvb-s/Dvb-s2/MPEG-2/MPEG4/H265 compliant
  • CVBS/HDMI Supported
  • USB 2.0 Supported, Support PVR, Multimedia Player
  • DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USUAL) Supported
  • EPG Supported
  • Support Full HD HDMI 1.4 2
  • USB 2.0 Port + Rs232 Cable port
  • 2 AV & HDMI 1080P output
  • Internet connection via WIFI & 3G, GPRS, and Cable Internet
  • YouTube with Multi-language searches
  • Ecast
  • Supports online update
  • Simultaneous translation feature

Menu/Theme./ SVA8

Menu or Theme is the Most Important thing for any user. Sunplus Receivers Manufacturer Providing Some Good Themes for their Users. And You Can Know these Specific Themes from a Specific Number of Like SVO1, SVC2, SVC6, SVC8, SVA6, SGG1, SGC2, SVC1,SCB3 SCB4,SEB3,SVB3,SGB1,SGB2,SGR1,SVY1,SVA1 and So On.

Internet Protocol.

Internet Protocol is another Important Option for any Satellite Receiver. Because for Running the Cccam, IKS, IPTV Channels or YouTube Etc in Our Receiver we Need the Internet. So it's Depends on Our Satellite Receiver Software that how many Options it Gives us to Providing the Internet to Our Satellite Receiver. Sunplus Receivers Manufacturer Providing almost all Available Options for Internet Connectivity. Like 3G Option, GPRS Option, Wifi Option, Lan Internet Option, etc. the following software has the below option for internet connectivity.

  1. Wifi Network
  2. Usb Cable Network
  3. GPRS Network
  4. 3G Network

Server Option.

For Running the encrypted Channel of any Satellite, the Satellite Receivers Manufacturer Providing the IKS Server to their Users, in different Packages. So it's the Most Important Part of Any Satellite Receiver. the following software has the below options for the IKS Servers.

  1. Goda
  2. Dscam
  3. Smartcam
  4. Vline


IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is also the Important Feature of Any Software. Sunplus Receivers also Offers Different kinds of IPTV Networks in their Software to its users. And it's a Good Option that We Can Watch plenty of Channels without Satellite Dish. the following software has the below options for IPTV.

  1. E-Vision Iptv,E-Vision Vod.Ecast. Yes

Ecast is the Newest feature that Many Satellite Receiver manufacturers Offering in their Software. With the help of the ECAST Option, You Can Connect Your Satellite Receiver with Your Smart Phone or Android Phone. And Can Enjoy your Phone Media on Your LED Tv.

Costumer I'D. ( EF521F000000)

Customer I'd is another Important Option. For Installation of Different Menus Or Theme Software in our Receiver, we Need to Replace our Current Software Customer I'd number to the New One. We can See Our Current Customer I'D by Pressing the 1502 Code From Our Remote on the Software Version menu.

So Download the Following Software from the link below. if you will face any problem during Download Process, please Contact Use Immediately Here.

Download Now

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